The training at the Adi Music Goalkeeper School is based on a careful performance analysis and an individually defined structure of exercises.

Adi Music's philosophy and training goals are based on the requirements of modern goalkeeping. What is needed today more than ever are goalkeepers who play along, are intelligent and strong goalkeepers who are involved in the build-up to the game as well as in the defensive behaviour of the of the entire team. Or to put it in other words: the goalkeeper is the most important player in a football team. He must be trusted by all parts of the team.

The skills required for this can be trained and learned just like the basic techniques of goalkeeping.

The focus of the goalkeeper training at the Adi Music goalkeeper school is divided into the following areas:

Basic goalkeeping techniques

Catching, falling, jumping, playing football

Further development and improvement of goalkeeping

Opening of play, control of the penalty area, build-up of play, behaviour in standard situations

Physical and coordination skills

Quickness, reaction, agility, dexterity, coordination, orientation ability, balance ability and changeover ability

Mental strength

Strengthening of self-confidence, formation of personality structure

Fitness and nutrition advice

A special fitness training with a focus on speed and jumping power, agility, speed, strength endurance, stamina and coordination. In competitive sports, a body-conscious diet is of maximum importance.

One training session includes

  • Proper warm-up
  • approx. 60 - 90 minutes practical training with theory training
    (the tactical understanding of the game and the behaviour of a goalkeeper on the pitch are explained)
  • if required: training video analyses to directly point out and analyse the mistakes
  • Mental training for a confident appearance on the pitch

Training location: TSV Eintracht Karlsfeld e.V., Jahnstraße 15, 85757 Karlsfeld


The main focus is on LEARNING (beginners) and OPTIMISE (advanced) all goalkeeper-specific techniques such as catching, falling, jumping, reaction, agility, dexterity, coordination, player opening, penalty area control, behaviour in standard situations, etc.


Goalkeeper training (60 minutes)
Individual training 60,- € / 60min
Group training: 25,- € / 60min

Training location:
TSV Eintracht Karlsfeld e.V.
Jahnstraße 15, 85757 Karlsfeld

Club training

I am also happy to come to the surrounding clubs and offer my services. It is advisable to put together a group of goalkeepers who have roughly the same level of performance. Of course, individual training is also possible by arrangement.

Price on request.

Coach coaching in the club:
We train and coach your club coaches on site:

1.500,- € / 5 days, 2 hours programme each


Goalkeeper camps:
Goalkeeper camps are held especially during the holidays. The dates, conditions of participation and costs will be announced in time on this homepage.

Goalkeepers of the best clubs & associations...

...are regularly in training with Adi Music.